Work is Progress....

As you will see in this website, the works for sale are expensive, and here's why.......
European transport palettes have been around for years.They are made of various wood qualities from acorn to fur tree.Up until recently businesses are to pay a tariff to keep them in circulation. As the palette gets older they are repaired buy smaller businesses and this keeps the circulation flowing.
 However, in the Global background, what we can't see ,..the wealthiest families have told the Governments to change the rules to create more wealth for themselves. The wooden european palettes are being superseded by plastic ones.The general public understand the argument as follows. Plastic is stronger, lasts much longer, is by production standards taking less from nature, and it will be claimed that therefore less wood will be used thus saving our forests!
This all makes sense, except we ALL know that plastic and recycling aren't friends,  plastic does not bio-degrade and wood can.
The new plastic palettes are more expensive, some cost as much as €1,000 against €20 for wood. Don't worry , they shout"Plastic lasts forever!"
Meanwhile, wood consumption increases in other industries as more is available at the same price, and the value of europalettes rockets, and so does your picture!
Years down the line, and with new Governments ruling,  the law is then rewound
claiming "we must stop production of plastic as it not environmentally friendly."We can use wood resources which have recovered" a blatant lie.
Re-introduction of wooden e-palettes and all the plastic is left with nowhere to go.More costly processing plants will be built by the government clogging up our environment further.They should have employed artists at ALL recycling plants to turn bio waste into art and forbidden plastic by law.
Solution: Our responsiblity is to stop the chain of supply. So, stop shopping at supermarkets, social media chains and mega stores and shop at the small businesses who don't have the resources to keep the chain of supply going.
Plastic production is the brain child of the brainless super rich.