Mike Passion

Preis: 500,00 EUR
Mike Passion- a portrait of feelings.Upcycled wood , 40x40cm. Acrylic with oil based lacquer finish.

"The Sting"

Preis: 3200,00 EUR
Europalette picture , bees are under threat of extinction through disease. It can't be proven that man is to blame, but it IS true that their habitat is being destroyed, trees and forest are being destroyed to put houses in place.Where there are houses there are roads, and where there are roads there is pollution and stress. Europalette wood compliments the bee picture as they are found in nature, together in harmony.

The Hunter

Preis: 1100,00 EUR
Made on leimholz , Tiger appears to spring out from darkness. Tiger is power and speed , soft acrylic colour and oil based lacquer.80x60cm.

Mell'Arte Magic

Preis: 500,00 EUR
Simple mathematical design , a cuboid set on top of a black and white backgound.Silver edged borders make the wood strips appear to bend!