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We have all shared a romantic moment on a boardwalk, watching the sun go down. I wanted to use deep colours to make a simple picture with colourful effects. A romantic moment is shared when the sun goes down, sitting on a boardwalk, wood and water an acceptable combination in nature.A boardwalk is made up of planks of wood.


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Made on upcycled einwegpalette, cheetah is power and speed , soft acrylic colour and water based lacquer.

"The Sting"

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This is the first europalette picture I ever drew, bees are under threat of extinction through disease. It can't be proven that man is to blame, but it IS true that their habitat is being destroyed, trees and forest are being destroyed to put houses in place.Where there are houses there are roads, and where there are roads there is pollution and stress. Europalette wood compliments the bee picture as they are found in nature, together in harmony.

Molecular Mell'Arte.

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"The Carrot" , on Lattenrost, this picture is an analysis of a cross-section of a carrot, x1,000 zoom under a microscope. We know so little about what we eat, and it's surprising what we don't know.