Puzzle Pictures

 A Puzzle Picture is a piece of art formed through using wood mass on a small or large scale, cut into strips of variable lengths and widths all of a same dimension. The number of strips varies from picture to picture.

The wood is sanded and prepared to such a time that paint can be applied, or the wood is painted and then overpainted and re-sanded to form a colour mix typical of Mell'Arte.

The wood will be placed in rows and only the top surfaces will have a layer
of paint applied, waiting in-between coats for the paint to dry.Excess paint overlapping the sides is sanded down.

Look around your house, how often do you look at your pictures,...Wouldn't it be better to have a blank picture with color shades and you make the picture in your head.Look at art another way. Sheer fantasy, and thats the beauty of it, you can change the picture whenever you want!

During the time a puzzle picture is hung , we experience different fantasy pictures that we have created by looking at a particular colour and reflecting on what that colour means to us.

And as we are people and ever changing , so do our realities of what a puzzle picture says to us.

Too often a picture tells us too much to allow ourselves any fantasy at all, and that's why we forget about them.